Friday, July 16, 2010

How to prevent haze

To prevent the spread of this phenomenon of haze and abuse of government and non-governmental bodies to outline measures to be followed not only by the people of Sabah but to all Malaysians.

Prohibition on Open Burning

The Government prohibits open burning, smoke is a major contributor to the haze. Apart from the open burning can cause fires that can not be controlled.

Cloud seeding

As a result of El-Nino phenomenon, dry weather and drought have hit the country. This situation further aggravated the situation, so work had to do cloud seeding for rain. When dry weather, a high temperature of clouds, water droplets into a light, very light drops can not be down to earth as rain. Thus silver iodine or dry ice will be applied to lower the temperature of the cloud. Ice crystal is formed and grows, then pulled by gravity, it will fall to the ground and turns into water droplets when diluted as a result of the temperature of the hot earth. Rain could help the situation when it brings together the haze falls to the ground.

Green Campaign

The government also launched a campaign to encourage tree planting and green in the home, office, school or at the mall membelih. Trees absorb carbon dioxide mambantu green in the air.

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